Boxing and Kickboxing are now very popular fitness regimes. If it’s a lean, toned, strong fit looking body you’re after then this is for you.

Classes are usually made up of around 15 to 20 people and concentrate on Bags, Pad work and Kick shields and non contact sparring. This means you face opposite someone and throw combination punches at them which they block with their padded gloves or pads. Then you swap and block theirs.


Classes will teach you how to punch and kick properly — Classes include technique, skill work, power, speed and some strength work.

Our instructors will tell you which punches and combinations you’ll be doing, and may also get you to change partners part-way through the work-out.


Boxing and kick boxing are high intensity, full body workouts that keep you moving the whole time. When you’re not throwing a punch, you’re kicking, weaving or crunching. A great way to lose weight and get fit while learning new skills.