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Toddler Membership

Have you got little Ninjas that can’t stop climbing the furniture at home? Well, we have a facility and nationally qualified staff designed to allow them to do that AND keep them safe at all times.

Ages 2 – 5 (Kinder Aged)

$180 Membership

*Per term
One class per week*

Adult Membership

Includes unlimited access to

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Kick boxing
  • Boxing
  • Gym access
  • Group pt
  • Ninja


$34.95 Membership

*Weekly membership*

Kids Membership

In our ninja classes, kids will learn skills and techniques essential to obstacle running which will include elements of gymnastics, (like jumping, landing, swing techniques) and parkour (learning how to move seamlessly with minimal effort through any terrain). They will build strength and coordination skills required to tackle obstacles. We will encourage discipline and build confidence into your children to keep trying if at first they do not succeed until they do.

Ages 5 – 16 years old (School Aged)

$225 Membership

*Per term
One class per week*

Family Membership

Want to join up your whole family or just a couple members onto one account? We’ve got a simple booking process.


Different Family Options