Exercise Physiology is a discipline involving the study of how exercise alters the structure and function of the human body. Exercise Physiology requires diverse knowledge and considerable study of various physiologic responses to exercise.

Exercise physiologists tend to specialize in clinical areas such as cardiac rehabilitation, research based exercise physiology {such as performance and heat stress, performance and altitude, fluid balance, and motor functions}, muscular-skeletal rehabilitation, exercise testing and prescription of athletes, and development of physical fitness programs in prevention of disease and disability.


All of our accredited exercise physiologists have at least 10 years experience in rehabilitation and conditioning programs as well as over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. They have particular interests in helping patients with lifestyle related complications such as DIABETES, CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, HYPERTENSION, OBESITY and MUSCULAR SKELETAL DISORDERS AND LOW BACK PAIN. All of our exercise physiologists are registered Medicare, Health Fund and DVA providers and offer Medicare bulk-billing services for Exercise Physiology.

 Our accredited exercise physiologists will:

– explain how exercise will help your condition and how this will affect your body/quality of life

– discuss goals and implement a strategy to help you best achieve them

– complete a full physical assessment/screening to determine the most suitable exercise program 

  to benefit you

– provide you with structured, achievable exercise programs to incorporate into your daily/weekly 


– take you through each exercise providing you with the knowledge to exercises both safely

  and correctly either at home or in a gym setting

– write a written report for your doctor with your progress.

 Medicare Rebates

From the 1st January 2006 Accredited Exercise Physiologist have been able to provide Medicare services to people with chronic and complex illnesses. Eligible patients will be entitled to a total of 5 allied health visits per year. Each of the 5 visits will attract a Medicare rebate.

If you have a chronic health condition (i.e. longer than 6 months) and want to be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate for our services you will need to obtain a referral from your GP together with a Medicare Care Plan.